Cup Draws 2013/2014

Under 11 League Cup
1st Round    1.   Blaydon Youth Community        v Tyne & Wear All Stars
             2.   Beamish                        v Cleveland Hall Blues
             3.   Redheugh Whites                v Rutherford
             4.   Whickham Fellside Greens       v Felling Gold
             5.   Whickham Fellside Yellows      v Felling
             6.   Prudhoe Youth Club             v Gateshead
             7.   Cleveland Hall Yellows         v Felling Whites
                  Byes  Redheugh Reds  
2nd Round    A.   Winner  of  1                  v Redheugh Reds
             B.   Winner  of  2                  v Winner  of  3
             C.   Winner  of  7                  v Winner  of  5
             D.   Winner  of  4                  v Winner  of  6 
Semi Final        Winner  of  A                  v Winner  of  C
                  Winner  of  B                  v Winner  of  D
Under 12 League Cup
1st Round    1.   Wallsend Boys Club             v Consettt Fire
             2.   Blaydon Youth Community Jets   v Pelton
2nd Round    A    Winner  of  1                  v Beamish
             B    Swalwell Kites                 v Whickham
             C    Cleveland Hall                 v Winner of 2
             D    Blaydon Youth Community Tangos v Rutherford
             E    Cleveland Hall Blues           v Redheugh Reds
             F    Tyne & Wear All Stars          v Gateshead
             G    Redheugh Whites                v Consett Eagles
             H    Felling                        v Burnopfield      
3rd Round    1.   Winner  of  A                  v Winner  of  G
             2.   Winner  of  C                  v Winner  of  D
             3.   Winner  of  H                  v Winner  of  E
             4.   Winner  of  F                  v Winner  of  B
Semi Final        Winner  of  1                  v Winner  of  4
                  Winner  of  2                  v Winner  of  3

Under 13 Cup Draw
1st Round    1.   Winlaton                       v Gateshead Sapipa Blacks
2nd Round    A   Boldon Colts                    v Whickham Fellside Greens
             B   Winner of 1                     v Prudhoe Youth Club
             C   Swalwell                        v Gateshead Sapipa
             D   Whickham Fellside Yellows       v Gateshead Sapipa Orange
Semi Final    Winner of B                     v Winner of D
                 Winner of A                     v Winner of C


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